Show up and put in the work for 50 minutes to get stronger, faster and better.

Our signature workouts are robustly programmed and refined over years of research and testing to ensure you challenge yourself daily. We do what is effective and what works, to give you the best experience and results! Our workouts complement one another and attending all types of classes would provide a holistic progression in strength, power, speed, accuracy, mobility and more. 


A strong fitness base starts with an increased work capacity and we're here to deliver that.

We focus on the fundamentals of functional movement and keep things simple yet highly effective to get you where you want to be.

Improve your engine, anaerobic endurance and functional strength at our Base classes, which combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) together with gymnastics, plyometrics using equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells and even odd-object items.


Think power, strength, gymnastics and barbell. Hailing from a CrossFit and weightlifting concept, this class is programmed for you to get comfortable moving or to take your gymnastics and weightlifting capacity to the next level. 

Our philosophy is to take the complex and break it down to make it simple for the newcomers, yet programmed in such a fashion for the elites to achieve maximum gain. Work on your barbell and gymnastics technique, build up your strength capacity and confidence with a bar, to reach your highest potential with our Gain classes.


Athletes of all levels are welcome, we only ask for you to come in with an open mind and to leave your ego at the door. Expect specific and individual coaching for this class, with a dedicated programme just for you. Be prepared to dig deep and you’ll find yourself wanting more.


Strength in the body, peace in the mind.

How often do you take the time to decompress after hard training days?

Learn how to relax your muscles through intentional breathing and use your body’s range of motion to its fullest potential.

Make your training holistic with our sunrise and sunset stretch yoga classes.

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First time here?

01. Register online and come prepared

Register online here, also be sure to know policies for late cancellation and the booking window!

Get sufficient rest prior to the class itself, make sure you've eaten and hydrated yourself well.

Everyone loves some company when they're trying something new, so drag a friend or two along to join in the experience!

02. Check In

Be  sure to arrive at least 15 mins prior to class. There is a bag and shoe drop area within Amplify.

Toilets and showers are available within the *Scape complex. Do your toilet trips before class and make sure you're suited up and ready to go when class commences. Lastly, do highlight to the coaches if you have any injuries or need specific movement modifications.

03. Attire and Hydration

Wear comfortable workout gear and shoes to move in. Bring water and a sweat towel, we also have water available for sale.

04. Come excited, with an open mind and leave your ego at the door

No matter how experienced you may be, there's something to learn for everyone, so come humble and grow with us!

Be friendly with the crew you're working out with, we're more of a family than just people sweating together.

Hand out fist bumps at the end of class, that is a must!

05. Safe distancing measures

Non-negotiable rules to be adhered to. Class capacity is fixed and cannot be changed at the last minute, as such, late cancellations are extremely frowned upon. Stay within your area or your group while working out and keep a safe distance of 2m between other participants. We love hanging out and doing some extra work after class but for this period, that's a no go. 

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