A positive community for the Youth At Risk

We believe that Fitness is for everyone, young and old. We believe that through community centric CrossFit classes, we are able to create a positive social environment that empowers, encourages and makes a difference.


Leadership building is an emphasis here at Innervate Fitness and our Teens program. Our work with the youths enable them to lead one another through warm ups and preliminary exercises in a supervised environment.

Such leadership building skills are birthed through consistency of training, interactions with peers and post workout debriefs drawing learning points every day.

Our methods are based on the Game For Life framework adopted by Sport Singapore and the Ministry of Social and Family Development to work with Youth At Risk



Different ages, different backgrounds but all in one family. The community at Innervate Fitness is one that builds up, not discriminate. We focus heavily on the communal aspect of teamwork beyond individual fitness. Workouts are shaped to push students beyond their limits and at the same time, encourage support from each other.

Our classes goes beyond winning or losing and focus on creating an environment of selflessness whilst developing strong social bonds.


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"


We believe that a high form of empowerment in Innervate Fitness is enabling individuals to be able to teach CrossFit and physical fitness to another and a class. We believe that providing this skill to the youth would be tremendously invaluable and would translate greatly into them finding employment. Doing so will help them get out of their comfort zone and grow as an individual.




Innervate Fitness is the main organiser of Operation Broken Wing, a regional charity event created to allow CrossFitters to engage in social good through fitness. Our purpose is to bring the CrossFit community together for a meaningful cause, raising funds for youth at risk. In the month of October, the CrossFit community around the Asia Pacific Region will carry out their own versions of Operation Broken Wing - be it at a Box or via a large-scale event. The community will be coming together to make a difference!


The main event of OBW will be the workout, "Fight For Hope". Sponsors of each athlete agree on a fixed donation for each successful repetition prior to the workout. The total amount raised by an athlete thus amounts to the total reps performed multiplied by the sponsored amount per rep. Whether in a box, a garage or a stadium, every rep, every effort, and every cent counts.

OBW2016 has concluded with a total of 7 cities and 700 participants across all cities. Together, as a movement, we have raised $250,000 for the forgotten youth! We are excited to continue this good work to help the youths!