Empowering Functional Fitness For All

We believe that Fitness is for everyone, young and old. We believe that through community centric CrossFit classes, we are able to create a positive social environment that empowers, encourages and makes a difference.


CrossFit is not just an aggressive sport and program meant for the young. It is something to help with the Seniors in Singapore, to age gracefully.

We want to empower our Silvers to gain PHYSICAL functional fitness once again, not just some exercise meant to pass time. Through functional fitness and movement, they would gain quality of life and prevent them from losing it.

As a community we provide a very important role in creating SOCIAL circles and interactions for our Silvers. Many of them have found friends year over the years and have called this home and family.


We believe that through these interactions, we are able to provide an environment where they would feel welcome, empowered and cared for.


From young to old! We welcome everyone through our doors and that's what makes us special. We don't discriminate or discourage anyone from giving CrossFit a go.

CrossFit is meant for the entire family and we want to promote family driven fitness. A family that trains and works out together, stays together. The environment and culture that resides within Innervate is one that promotes family.

From Grandson to Grandmother. Family ties run deep here at the box. Fitness helps to build relationships, shared experiences and more. Such experiences are often irreplaceable and would stay for life


We are an inclusive community and want to create a culture where fitness becomes readily available to all. We believe that CrossFit truly is for everyone and by adapting movements and exercises, we are able to overcome limitations to increase functionality, promote independence and improve quality of life. 

We wanted to foster inclusiveness in our community and encourage more people to be active. We enable persons with adaptive needs to develop and maintain functional capacity through movements and exercises which they may never have realised they could perform


If you're interested in building this community, volunteering to help with the Silvers or learning more about engaging youths and build family oriented fitness, then we would love to have you with us! Fill up the form below indicating what and how you would like to be a part of this family and we'll get back to you!

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To build fitness through effective coaching and foster a community of care for social well-being and impact for all ages and stages of life,



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