Empowering Functional Fitness For All

We believe that fitness is for everyone, young and old.

We believe that through community centric CrossFit classes, we are able to create a positive social environment that empowers, encourages and makes a difference.


CrossFit is not just an aggressive sport and program meant for the young. It is a program that enables active ageing and improved quality of life for all, regardless of experience or abilities. 


We are the first CrossFit Box in Singapore to offer a unique Silvers CrossFit Program.


At Innervate, we empower our Silvers by helping them gain functional fitness that supports the requirements of everyday physical tasks. 


The social support system of the gym also lends itself to building a community where everyone feels welcomed, empowered and cared for. Social bonding occurs naturally and many of our Silvers have built strong friendships - with Innervate becoming another home and family for them.


We are the first CrossFit Box in Singapore to offer a unique Adaptives program catered to disabled individuals. 


Holding the belief that CrossFit is for everyone, we seek to foster inclusiveness in our community where fitness is readily available to all. 

We seek to foster inclusiveness in our community and encourage more people to be active. We enable persons with adaptive needs to go beyond their limitations, develop and maintain functional capacity and gain independence through movements and exercises which are adapted to their needs and capabilities.


CrossFit is a program suited to help the entire family move and live well, and we don't discriminate or discourage anyone from giving CrossFit a go.

 Friendships and relationships are built and strengthened through the shared learning experience and growth through overcoming physical challenges together.