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Lion City Ruckers is powered by Innervate Fitness. We are pleased to be an official GORUCK Firebase (FSB) and Ruck Club. We support local and regional 'ruckers' in training and getting out on rucks with other ruck enthusiasts. 

“A fire support base (FSB, firebase or FB) is a temporary military encampment to provide artillery fire support to infantry operating in areas beyond the normal range of fire support from their own base camps. FSBs follow a number of plans; their shape and construction varying based on the terrain they occupy and the projected garrison.


We want to build rucking centric communities aka Firebases on the backbone of gyms, clubs and training groups by organizing group rucks and getting people to become more active in general. Everyone can ruck, it’s fun and brings people together. Social Fitness.” — GORUCK

Why join us?

Rucking is not your typical gym based workout. Join like-minded members of our community that support each other in getting into and staying in shape.


  • It's FREE!

  • We are a judgement free zone. EVERYONE is welcome.

  • Learn more about Rucking & GORUCK and GORUCK Events

  • Get outdoors and appreciate our great city.

  • Explore places you might not otherwise have been to.

  • Join a community of fun loving people.

  • Get active and get outside for some good living.

For updates on our next ruck and to get in touch with the community, join the Lion City Ruckers Facebook Group below.

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