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By combining combat, self defence as well as the CrossFit methodology, this is a program for those who would want an adrenaline rush whilst getting fit!

The Innervate Combatives Program is more than a kickboxing class, we will empower you to defend yourself through knowledge lessons and realistic training scenarios.

Innervate Combatives Program covers a range of striking and combative drills which are then included in a short high intensity workout designed to drill and sharpen technique whilst improving fitness and endurance.


This is done in a non-contact format using padded targets, shadow boxing and more. The program is designed for all levels of experience teaching basic fighting skills, defensive techniques, skill development as well as mind and body conditioning. 



What will I do in the Innervate Combatives class?

  • Close quarter striking and combative drills (Punches, knees, elbows, kicks, etc.) These techniques are combined and integrated into CrossFit workouts to produce short high intensity training sessions.

  • Ground fighting techniques, takedowns and grappling

  • Short high intensity workout(s)

  • Defensive Techniques & Tactics

  • Mind and Body Conditioning

  • Enhance your #humanweaponsystem

  • Real-world self-defense scenarios and drills that help you prepare for the unknown and unknowable


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