Never neglect the Basics

As you progress through your training, you start to pick up new skills and become more aware of your body and the amazing things it can do. You learn how to express your fitness and become hungry for more. You want to learn to do overhead pistols and inverted rope climbs and you want them now.

These are all great things to strive towards. But never allow the fancier movements to distract you from the basics. In the following video by CrosFit HQ, you’ll see James Hobart, a CrossFit Games veteran and a member of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff performing an air squat.

Just based on the fact that he’s been to the Games multiple times, it’s pretty safe to say that James Hobart is an elite athlete. And we may assume the following: “Wow, he’s such a fit guy – surely he’s wasting his time doing air squats”. There are many other videos out there that display James Hobart’s athleticism and fitness and they are inspiring to watch. The inspiring thing about this video, however, is the display of his commitment to virtuosity – doing the common, uncommonly well.

The air squat that he demonstrated is a product of consistent practice with the purpose of improving mechanics. It is not something that happened overnight and in spite of it being a seemingly basic movement, it is definitely something that is not neglected. So as you continue along your journey of forging elite fitness, don’t forget to keep your basics up to scratch. Find something that needs

improvement and improve it. Take things that are good and make them better. And don’t skip steps by getting the flashiest shoes or accessories in the hope of fixing your squat. As Louie Simmons once said: “Don’t have $100 shoes and a 10 cent squat.” Practicing your squat will fix your squat.

Stay focused on doing the common, uncommonly well.

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