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Innervate Milestones Pt. 1 - 2014, 2015

The official unveiling of our new CrossFit box.

Opening of Innervate CrossFit

5 years ago on 2 August 2014, 3 friends took a chance at making a difference and started what was then Innervate CrossFit. Growing out of a similar passion for improving people’s lives through fitness and filling in a gap in the community, Innervate was always meant to cater to a wider demographic. One of the first things we did to fill that gap was starting the first CrossFit Kids programme in Singapore. Other than helping kids find fun in fitness, we had also hoped to develop their character and build good habits for life. The #RoadToInnervate certainly was not easy and we didn’t know if people would identify with our ideals and join us. But YOU did and for that we can’t be any happier, 5 years later!

First Revival of Operation Broken Wing

Athletes, supporters and crew involved in OBW 2014.

After a hiatus, we rebooted Operation Broken Wing in 2014 with athletes from Innervate CrossFit, CrossFit Singapore and Reebok CrossFit Enduro. At our newly-opened box, we conducted the first edition of our workout "Fight For Hope," raising $27,000 for REACH Community Services Society. This was one of the first steps we took to work with and make a difference in the lives of the youth-at-risk. Now, it has been 5 good years of #OBWFightsForHope, and we’re mindblown by how much this movement and community has grown. Here’s to many more years of impacting lives to come!

Starting the Silvers CrossFit Program

Shortly after Innervate opened in early 2015, we started our Silvers CrossFit Program for those aged 55 and above – the first of its kind in Singapore. We saw that they were underserved in the area of fitness and wanted to introduce CrossFit as a means to improve their quality of life. Furthermore, we wanted to challenge the commonly held perception that CrossFit is an intense and harsh sport meant only for the fit and make it more accessible.

One of our early Silvers CrossFit classes.

Soon, the Silvers community grew in strength, both physically and in spirit. Members learnt that they could do things they didn’t think they could before, like skipping and overhead squats, and found a new family away from home. Their camaraderie extends beyond the box, with meals together and even a recent durian party! With the Silvers Program, Innervate truly became a family-friendly box where all generations are welcome to train under one roof. Family Fitness and Fitness For All was definitely becoming a reality!

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