We have different program packages suited to your company's needs. Our team of trainers are experienced in group trainings which complement whatever goals your company might be wanting to achieve. Scaling our program to all fitness levels with different flavors, our sessions take into account the different demands and goals that are to be achieved

 Our program caters to all such as :

 Team building Fitness or Bonding events, Wellness Programs

School events or semester long programs for Kids and Teens

Silvers Corporate Program for health and Wellness

Adaptives Corporate Program for increased capacity


Corporate Social Responsibility mixed in with Corporate Wellness? Make your CSR fun, exciting and unique by combining both aspects! As a social enterprise, we are the ideal vehicle for you to achieve both at the same time. Our programs will involve you working out alongside our various partners' beneficiaries, allowing them to have a swell experience. You can also do your part for society whilst breaking a sweat!

Stand out from the rest. Engage us as we will work with you to come up with new and refreshing ideas to achieve both goals.
Corporate Packages / Events for Companies

We are able to provide a training program, either a one-time cohesion event, or a sustained wellness program for your company. 


Our services can be tailored to the needs of your company and your team and provide the following benefits :

  • Achieve your CSR goals by pairing team building for a social cause

  • Improving self confidence as you see that they are able to accomplish various tasks

  • Sustained Weight Loss and learning how to lead a good healthy lifestyle

  • Increasing teamwork as you learn to work together in tough situations

  • A healthier workforce as we talk about fitness and nutrition

  • Have fun in a Fitness Program that produces positive outcomes!

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School Programs

Innervate Fitness Specializes in teaching Kids and Teens. We are able to provide a variety of training programs and exposure programs to suit the needs and goals of your school. Our programs are listed below :

  • Strength and Conditioning Program. Empowering your elite athletes with the necessary fitness to excel in their sport. We have previously taught teams such as Raffles Institute Rugby, Disk Knights Ultimate Frisbee and more

  • Leadership Training Program. A training program that empowers your student leaders in leading a basic fitness training session for their team coupled with leadership principles in realistic scenarios

  • Health and Fitness Program. We conduct health and fitness classes for Kids and Teens to assist them with weight management, improvement of fitness and health across all levels, achieving specific fitness targets

  • Exposure Modules. A one session program that exposes your students to Crossfit, explaining WHAT is Crossfit and allowing them to experience it firsthand.

Silvers Corporate Programs

Innervate Fitness is the first and only Functional Fitness gym in Singapore to have a program specifically tailored to seniors aged 55 and above. With nearly 5 years of experience, we are able to design a Silvers program that will suit your organisation's needs.

Regain Functional Fitness. We incorporate Functional Movements and Yoga stretches to improve the Silvers. Movements which are natural, safe and essential to living. We want to improve the functionality and mobility of their bodies. 

Renewed Confidence. Trying new things and accomplish things that they never thought was possible. Finding a new zest for life, all in while conducted in a supportive and conducive environment.

"Thank you Innervate for bringing the Silver Functional Fitness program to House of Joy. Inspiring and well-versed instructors have given uplifted confidence for seniors to participate in Functional Fitness!"

- House of Joy

Programs for Persons with Disabilities

Starting the first Adaptive Functional Fitness Program in Singapore and the region in 2017, we have had ample experience working with adaptive athletes of all abilities. Below are some benefits you can experience from our program:

  • Adaptive Crossfit is adapting the same functional movements and exercises used in Crossfit to suit each individual's unique needs.

  • By adapting movements and exercises, we are able to overcome "limitations" to increase functionality, promote independence and improve the quality of life.​​

  • Our coaches are experienced and dedicated to ensuring safety over intensity.

  • Past partners include MINDS, Running Hour, and Inclusive Sports Festival (2018, 2019).

Corporate Yoga Programs

 We believe that every member plays a big part in a team. And each member's health is important. Yoga is one of the most fun and easiest ways to stay fit individually fun. How ever it's even better doing as a team! Below are some of the benefits of doing corporate Yoga:

  • Increase in individual's productivity. Yoga is proven as one of the best ways to de-stress and at the same time reduce fatigue and improving focus which means better work results!

  • Improves Teamwork and Communication Skills. When attempting something new, the face of challenge can be indeed very tough as a individual. What more a team ? Yoga sometimes require a little 'stretch' that may be uncomfortable. But the feeling of accomplishing something not as a individual but as a team through communicating is a whole different experience.

imPAct @ Hong Lim Green

We are the sole fitness provider for imPAct @ Hong Lim Green, having qualified and experienced trainers conduct group classes for the following specialisations:

  • Functional Fitness/Lite

  • HIIT, Tabata, Strength, EnduroFit, Gymnastics, Kettlebell Conditioning

  • Yoga (Hatha, HIIT, Stretch, Vinyasa, Yin, Core)

  • Zumba

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To build fitness through effective coaching and foster a community of care for social well-being and impact for all ages and stages of life,



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