The Adaptive Athletes Program is CrossFit that is specially designed for persons with disabilities.


We believe that CrossFit truly is for everyone and by adapting movements and exercises, we are able to overcome our limitations to increase functionality, promote independence and improve quality of life.

Our coaches are on hand to guide you and provide corrections to movement faults that are unique to each individual. Sessions are conducted in a group and you will become part of a community that is always ready to ask more of themselves. Movements are taught in a progressive fashion and this will allow for you to pick up new skills regardless of your background or prior athletic experience. Stop worrying about what you can’t do. Ask yourself what you can do.


There are no requirements for you to undergo a fundamental class. Our emphasis is for you to get challenged, overcome your limits and get a taste of what CrossFit is about, as such, YOUR FIRST sessions is a free trial so come down to try the class out! Prior to registering, please review the class age groups, timetables and prices.

Timetable :

Tuesday at 7:30pm

Thursday at 7:00pm

Saturday at 12:30pm

Prices : 12 session pass @ $100

First Class is a FREE TRIAL CLASS

Register by by booking your first class using the button below or filling up the form below or send us an email indicating your type of disability and we will get in touch with you to confirm your registration. 


We look forward to having you with us at Innervate Fitness!

Registration form

Or drop us a mail at or call us at +65-97887859.


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Providing fitness through effective coaching and to build a community of care for social well being and impact for all ages and stages of life,



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