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Looking to build a good functional fitness foundation for persons with disabilities? This two day course is intentionally built for caregivers, coaches, healthcare professionals and fitness trainers who wish to help their adaptive athletes or improve lifestyle and athleticism through functional fitness.


The course will run through all that you need to know to prepare you for working together with persons with disabilities. After this course, you'd be confident to efffectively and safely lead a small group of adaptive athletes through a full functional fitness or strength and conditioning program, whichever is your area of expertise.


There are no formal course pre-requisites. However, a firm foundation of fitness and movement and general understanding of broad disabilities would assist in learning throughout the course. 


  • Functional fitness / Strength and Conditioning training principles

  • How to communicate best with an adaptive person.

  • General types of disabilities, classifications and ADL statuses.

  • Initial assessment guide for the adaptive athlete.

  • How to adapt for each common impairment.
    • Upper Limb impairment​
    • Lower Limb impairment
    • Visual / Hearing impairment
    • Short stature
    • Wheelchair users
    • Neurodiverse individuals
  • Programming a training block for the adaptive athlete in both relation to sport and in a broad manner.

  • Group Management for an adaptive group / class.

  • Know Your Why


Each segment will commence with a theory section, run through all the preparation and logistics which are required and will have a significant practical session.

Our experience with the adaptive population

Our team has over 10 years of experience working together with vulnerable populations. Crafting programs and training adaptive athletes of various disabilities and degrees of impairment. Our work has been validated by partnerships together with People's Association, raiSE, Sport Singapore, Agency For Integrated Care (AIC) and National Youth Council. Through the various programs and knowledge gained, we have refined and developed this course to empower you in a very practical manner in working together with the disabled population. We pride ourselves in ensuring the course is not just theoretical but is holistic in its approach to empowering you to serve your clients best.

A recent feature of our program on CNA can be found here


The Adaptive Functional Training Course is priced at SGD$650 per person.


Our next course scheduled is pending. Keep a look out on socials or fill in the form below to indicate your interest for us to update you on the next available course.

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