This is CrossFit for YOU. Be prepared to experience the revolutionary fitness program of CrossFit specially tailored to suit your needs. This is CrossFit for YOUR generation. Take that first step and invest in your health with CrossFit.


  • Walking Straight and Upright, Waking Up and Feeling Energetic, Feel Good, Sleep Well. 

  • We use Functional Movements to improve ourselves. Movements which are natural, safe and essential to living. We want to improve the functionality of your body. 

  • CrossFit if for everyone and anyone, we will be tailoring our CrossFit program, specifically for you.

  • All our sessions are conducted in a group setting with other like minded individuals with similar capabilities.

  • Every movement and action will be supervised under the watchful eyes of our capable Coaches. 


Your route to revitalisation is here with us at Innervate Fitness. There are no requirements you to undergo a fundamental class. Prior to registering, please review the class age groups, timetables and prices.


The First Trial Class is $10.

The minimum age for embarking on the Silvers CrossFit Program is 55.


Timetables :

Tuesday : 8am

Thursday : 8am & 7pm

Saturday : 830am

Prices : $150 / Monthly OR $400 / Quarterly

First Trial Class is $10


The only online functional fitness program specifically for seniors aged 55 years and above.


Through online classes conducted on zoom, this is a platform for you to train and keep fit from the convenience of your home. Keeping healthy and ensuring fitness care is the best protection against Covid-19 apart from social distancing .


Though this class, we want you to stay connected with a community and to experience an increase in what you can do, to stay functional and capable well into your retirement years. 

Our coaches will walk all Silver participants through on how to access zoom and set up for the best class experience.


Tuesdays at 8am

Thursdays at 7.30pm

Weekends at 10.45am

Free Trial Class on Thursdays at 7.30pm


Single Class: $12
Monthly Package: $100

Special opening 25% discount : Monthly @ $75

Youngsters - this is an opportune time to encourage an active lifestyle for your parents and you're welcome to join in together with them!

How do I Register?

Fill up the form below or send us an email indicating your interest

We'll get in touch with you to confirm your registration and your first class

Registration form

Or drop us a mail at or reach us at +65-88863099‬.


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To build fitness through effective coaching and foster a community of care for social well-being and impact for all ages and stages of life,



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