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CrossFit is for everyone and anyone. Utilising basic, essential functional movement set in a high intensity workout in a family friendly environment, we offer a unique training programme that incorporates many elements of movement.​

CrossFit Weightlifting Singapore


  • CrossFit is a combination of various fitness modalities to get you fit in a meaningful and measurable way.

  • We utilise functional, large compound movements which are essential and reap the largest reward. These include weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio and more

  • It's our charter of progression to develop good mechanics before increasing intensity to keep you safe and the training program effective. 

  • We properly utilise high intensity training in its truest essence to help you reach your fitness goals efficiently.

  • CrossFit is HIGHLY INCLUSIVE, there are no pre-requisites to joining and is universally scalable. The same routine is used for elderly individuals as well as professional athletes - what is adjusted is the load and intensity for each individual athlete.

  • Our method revolves around the community that naturally arises when people do workouts together.

  • Each class comprises of a skill or strength component followed by a high intensity workout with individualised coaching. 

CrossFit Fitness Kids and Teens Singapore

Our main base program with a little bit of everything. Fitness that is inclusive yet challenging. Expect a wide variety of functional movement at high intensity to build your fitness capacity and achieve your goals.

CrossFit HIIT High Intensiy


Control focuses on all things gymnastics and bodyweight. Think time under tension, body control and kinesthetics awareness in all aspects. Rings, pull up bar and floor.

CrossFit Fitness Singapore Strength

Our compound classes are our barbell specific class. Get comfortable in all things related to the barbell. Expect strength cycles and barbell workouts focused on building strength

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Here we work on our conditioning at a high level. Expect way longer workouts than the other days and specific engine work to get you challenged



At Innervate, getting started is simple. Hop in on a trial class at only $20 with us or sign up straight away! Our friendly coaches and community will be guiding you from step one. There are no fitness prerequisites and you do not have to be in shape to get started with us.

Regardless of your current fitness level or abilities, your class will be scaled to your needs. 



Book a class direct with us using the button below or fill up the form below or send us an email indicating your interest and we'll get in touch with you to confirm your registration.

Registration Form

Thanks for the enquiry! We'll be in touch with you shortly.

Or drop us an email at or reach us at +65-97887859.

CrossFit Fitness Gym Singapore
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Want to workout in your own personal space?

Progress at your own pace under the eyes of a coach?

Or simply can't make our schedule?

Sign up for Personal Training with us!

With years of experience, our personal trainers ensure that you achieve your fitness goals, be it strength gains or weight loss in a sustainable manner. Your program will be tailored to your needs and goals.


Affordable prices for personal training ranges from $75 to $100 per session depending on packages.


We are happy to conduct group personal training for couples, families or groups interested.

Visiting? or already a CrossFitter?

If you are dropping in from overseas or relocating to Singapore and are looking to continue your CrossFit journey, Innervate Fitness would love to welcome you! Just drop us an email or purchase a drop in pass and we'd be happy to have you join our community!

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