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Agnes Chang

Recycling is as important as squatting

"When we invest in our own growth and commit to becoming a better self, we can show up better for life, for the ones around us and for the world".


Agnes started her fitness journey as a dancer, subsequently becoming an Ultimate Frisbee and varsity dragon boat athlete. Having experienced the transformative effects of connecting with her mind and body through physical activity, Agnes believes that fitness is a vital component of self-love and self-development. She hopes to share that experience with those around her and guide others on their own journey to becoming better versions of themselves - making the world a better place with better humans.​

Certifications / Achievements

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Weightlifting Certified
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

The Autism Fitness Level 1 Certified

Women's Fitness Specialist, Training Pregnant & Post-Partum - FIT ASIA 
CPR / AED Certified

SNWC 2022 - U64 kg 3rd place

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