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CrossFit HIIT Weightlifting Singapore


Through CrossFit, we focus on developing a broad fitness base that is built to last. We train the body as an integrated unit, building strength, speed, endurance and flexibility through weightlifting, cardio and body weight movements.

Our programs are all parts challenging, simple and family- friendly. We focus on quality coaching in a personalised group class setting where every member is individually attended to. Our community supports and holds each other accountable, we encourage one another and strive to see each individual succeed.

We are a social enterprise and believe in using fitness as a platform to change the lives of others, to inspire social impact and make a positive change in our world.


Experience being part of the #InnervateFamily today!


CrossFit Coaching

At Innervate Fitness, coaches are relentless in their pursuit of training excellence. Each class focuses on good mechanics before intensity with personalised attention in a group setting. We are here to ensure fun, quality of movement and safety.

We are strictly inclusive. Everyone is welcome through our doors. We believe that fitness is for everyone regardless of age or ability, and that everyone should work towards building themselves and each other up.

Innervate is a social enterprise that believes in using fitness for a cause. We seek to make fitness accessible for Silvers and Persons with Disability, and reach out to youths-at-risk - empowering individuals to grow and achieve personal milestones.


CrossFit Fitness Kids and Teens Singapore

Our signature program with a little bit of everything. Fitness that is inclusive yet challenging. Expect functional movement at high intensity to build your fitness capacity and achieve your goals.

CrossFit HIIT High Intensiy


Control focuses on all things gymnastics and bodyweight. Think time under tension, body control and kinesthetics awareness in all aspects. Rings, pull up bar and floor.

CrossFit Fitness Singapore Strength

Our compound classes are our barbell specific class. Get comfortable in all things related to the barbell. Expect strength cycles and barbell workouts focused on building strength

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Here we work on our conditioning at a high level. Expect way longer workouts than the other days and specific engine work to get you challenged

CrossFit HIIT High Intensiy

CrossFit for the senior generation and physically disabled. Developing lifelong health, well-being and fitness to live life independently.

Choose from our specialised programs at Innervate Fitness

Your fitness journey begins at Innervate Fitness

We are different from the typical gym or boutique studio.

Here, we believe in high quality coaching, using our fitness for a cause and that anyone and everyone can do CrossFit.  Come for a trial experience at $59 for an unlimited week!

If you're ready to experience the greatest change in your life, pick a package and join us in one of our programs. Feel the difference with quality coaching at every one of our classes.

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CrossFit Community Fitness Singapore


There's such a strong sense of community here, and it's been a real pleasure to meet new friends and workout buddies over the last 1.5 months. My only regret is not finding this place sooner!

- Lisabel Ting, Doctor in Training



Come be a part of the Innervate Family. We can't wait to meet you!


398 Race Course Road, Singapore 218651

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