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4 things CrossFit builds other than Fit

Many of us send our Kids and Teens to the box to get physically fit. It could be correcting their posture, letting them focus in school or simply allowing them to enjoy moving. We see that almost everyday in our classes. Our students learn to move better and enjoy it in the process. However, what many don’t really see, is that the kids and teens don’t just gain fitness, they gain much more than that.

1) Confidence

It doesn’t just apply to adults. In fact, it applies more so to our young ones. The thought that they are able to accomplish anything that they set their mind to builds tremendous confidence in them. From achieving their first pull up, performing a good squat or getting that first double under. Before they know it, suddenly everything seems pretty easy to them. They become confident because they build of their previous successes. 

We like to use physical movements to help build their confidence, why? Because it is something tangible and something they can see and notice visually. Unlike other skills which are important to develop, young ones see themselves jumping farther and taller, doing new things. That empowers them and enables them to build a stronger self-confidence.

2) Teamwork

At a young age and spending much time in school where the focus is individual excellence, it is very easy for the teens to get caught up in the fact that what’s most important is their own success. However, here at Innervate CrossFit Kids and Teens, we do more Team Challenges than Individual Challenges. Especially for the teens. We want our teens to learn what it means to be able to work together and achieving success, together. That it doesn’t matter how much strong one is but instead, how strong you are collectively. 

3) A positive environment

Set in a very positive environment, our Kids and Teens are set in a place where they can express themselves without any fear of being hurt or judged. We see how kids of different backgrounds, come together to share their experiences. They might not have been to the same school or the same education system even but they share a common bond, that is, CrossFit. This serves as a place for our young ones to feel accepted and to develop their social skills. 

At Innervate CrossFit, we don’t joke when we talk about a positive environment. No condescending comment goes unnoticed and very often, instead of a strict punishment, we turn it around to make it a teachable moment. It is in these moments we see our Kids and Teens learn best.

4) Resilience

Just like every other CrossFit class, the high intensity isn’t easy. Holding a plank for a minute isn’t easy. Neither is hanging on the rings for as long as you can. However, we encourage our kids and teens to push their boundaries. To go beyond their limits. To be resilient. One of our students always says this, “Resilience is the most important thing in CrossFit and in life, that’s how you succeed and earn power ups!” We encourage such lifestyle and mentality. We want our kids and teens to be resilient in the face of challenges and put in their best effort, every single time!

We see that CrossFit isn’t just a place to build strong and fit young ones but instead, we spend much time building lives. To us, that is the most important aspect of CrossFit Kids and Teens.


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