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What's Next for Innervate?

2020 has been a year of circuit breakers, big challenges and big changes. As we progress toward the tail end of 2020, we don’t want to just maintain who we are and what we do - we want to take it a step further.

Our Vision

After 6 years as a community, our vision has not changed but progressed.

When we opened Innervate in 2014, our vision was simple: Forging Elite Lives, Making People Better. Eventually, we grew to focus more on Fitness For All and Fitness For A Cause.

As we evolved with the contributions from our passionate team and supportive community, our vision naturally became more multifaceted. We sowed seeds of hope, fought through the obstacles, and grew an impact that would be sustainable.

The Innervate team of coaches.

In the middle of 2020 during circuit breaker, we sat down as a team (over Zoom) to outline our next steps and think through our WHY. We were proud of the Innervate we had built these six years, but needed to put into words where we were headed to from here. Our new vision and mission is the fruit of that process as well as our experiences thus far:

"To build fitness through effective coaching and foster a community of care for social well-being and impact for all ages and stages of life.”

The Innervate Method

Over the years, Innervate has been synonymous with many methods. It can be aptly summed up into 3 main units: Coaching, Community and Cause.

We ensure safety and form over intensity.

We want to show that we do “CrossFit differently”, taking a stand on mechanics, consistency then intensity. We want to be countercultural and oppose the typical misconceptions surrounding ‘CrossFit’, to eliminate the social media myths around the dangers of CrossFit and what is seen on Netflix. Our focus is keeping you safe by emphasising quality of movement, form, and technique. We strive to go the extra mile to help you progress in your fitness journey, showing care every step of the way.

We want to grow a community of care and in turn create an inclusive ecosystem where we can introduce functional fitness to all and make it accessible to the greater community, including the marginalised. Community is and always has been an integral part of Innervate. We believe in building a warm community of people who care for one another, and are glad to see the many strangers who’ve walked through our doors turn into friends, or we dare say family. We are strictly inclusive, welcoming people of all ages and abilities to come as you are and just be yourself. We focus on providing a safe haven for you to grow fitter physically and mentally, where you’ll find cheers of encouragement, small acts of kindness, and no judgement at all. This is a community that will challenge you to grow in the best way possible.

Above all, we want to make sure that we are able to serve our society by using our fitness for a cause. We use fitness to rehabilitate and reintegrate – reaching out to disengaged youths, persons with disabilities, and seniors to help them achieve their full potential where society might see otherwise.

When we opened Innervate, we chose to do things our way. We didn’t subscribe to the craziness of intensity and build the fanciest or most Instagram-worthy walls. We didn't want to simply have our name heard far and wide or have many people pass through our doors to just come and go. We wanted to make a real difference in the lives and well-being of our members and community.

The Innervate Family training together.

We wanted to impart knowledge and change mindsets. We wanted our members to build long-lasting bonds with one another at the box, becoming the Innervate Family. We wanted people to be excited when they come to the box and not just train for the sake of it. We wanted people to see beyond their own fitness, care about the well-being of others, and use it for the greater good. We wanted to make people love being a part of the Innervate Family.

Change in the community starts with changing the lives of our members. Each member then becomes an agent of change in his or her own social circle through sharing healthier lifestyle habits and holding a heart that eventually looks outwards beyond itself.

Overall, the Innervate method is to fundamentally provide effective CrossFit coaching, foster a community of care that embodies inclusiveness, and expand their horizon by using fitness for social impact.

What's yours?


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