Innervate Milestones Pt. 2 - 2016

Youth At Risk Program

Stemming from a desire to give back and help the marginalised, we started a program to help the youth-at-risk. Through imparting leadership skills and providing a positive community to learn and grow with, we hoped to empower the next generation at this crucial stage of their lives where their trajectory could go either way.

Teaching youths about CrossFit

In addition to developing fitness and character, we also strived to create sustained impact by mentoring interested youths on how to coach one another and a class, thus increasing their employability. Beyond the box, we partnered with schools and various charitable organisations such as REACH Community Services Society to expand our social impact.

Sometimes what it takes to unlock one’s potential is simply for someone to see it, when others or even yourself see there is none. As for us, we believe in the next generation.

Growth of the Innervate Community

This was an exciting year as the #InnervateFamily grew and took part in various events together. From winning medals at competitions like Battle Royale, challenging fitness in Under Armour’s Test of Will, to simply having fun at in-house competitions and camps, there was something for everyone. Growing in size and strength, the community at Innervate showed immense drive and support for one another – becoming a family we wouldn’t trade for any day.

The #InnervateFamily showing up and showing heart at UA's Test of Will 2016.


Making a difference is better done together and we’re so thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with various organisations to extend our impact. These organisations include but are not limited to UA, Again Faster, Far East Organisation, Queenstown Secondary, RCSS, NYC and MCCY.

Innervate conducting a youth program at Queenstown Secondary School.

From youth programs to corporate gigs to classes for the elderly, it’s all about forging elite lives and making people better. 3 years later, we’re glad to say we’re still working with most of the same organisations and many more!

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