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Innervate Milestones Pt. 3 - 2017

Rebranding of Innervate CrossFit

Moving forward as a newly registered social enterprise, we rebranded Innervate CrossFit to Innervate Fitness and became the first gym in Singapore with a social mission to reach out to the marginalised. We wanted to appeal to a wider audience and community, and so expand our social impact.

One of our members doing a handstand against the wall showcasing our new logo.

With our aim of making a greater difference in society, there came increased engagement with the wider public as well as corporate programs. Basically, as long as one is willing to take that first step, empowering fitness can extend beyond the four walls of a box and transform the lives of those in need.

Starting Singapore’s First Adaptive CrossFit Program

Originating from a simple thought of “who else can we help?” – the Innervate Adaptive CrossFit Program was born. We realised there was little being done then in the area of fitness for persons with disabilities and sought to fill that gap. In fact, while Adaptive CrossFit was well-established overseas in countries like the US, there were no such programs locally and in the region. Our very first class started with just 2 participants, Paralympians Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh, but quickly grew to form a supportive and diverse community of all abilities.

Paralympian Yip Pin Xiu learning CrossFit movements in our Adaptive CrossFit class.

Working and learning together, movements were adapted to each individual’s unique needs and personal milestones were achieved. Indeed, our adaptive athletes show that #FitnessForAll can be a reality. With opportunities and innovation, anyone can achieve fitness and realise his or her full potential. Another important element is an inclusive community and we’re glad that the #InnervateFamily has stepped up to be just that. Fast forward to 2019, we’ve reached a stage where everyone regardless of ability can work through WODs together with minimal coach supervision because everyone is supporting each other – and we couldn’t be any prouder.

Camp Empower

Camp Empower 2017 participants and crew.

Continuing our work with youths, we held our first Camp Empower. The aim was threefold: to educate the youth on fitness, empower them to excel, and escalate the importance of fitness in their daily lives. Combining games, training, and education, we had hoped to empower the youths through this camp to understand more about how to activate their potential and confidence. Fitness is unique in the sense that it can help improve both an individual’s physical and mental well-being. With a strong fitness foundation, we hoped that participants could build the confidence and resilience to conquer life’s future challenges.

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