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What makes us SOCIAL?

As of 19th January 2017, Innervate CrossFit (CF INNERVATE PTE LTD), is officially recognised as a Social Enterprise by RAISE (, Singapore! We have grown over the years thanks to the support from the #InnervateFamily. But what makes us different isn’t that we have the largest or the strongest box, but we’d like to think we have the biggest heart. Now, you might ask, how on Earth can a CrossFit Facility become a Social Enterprise? Well, it’s simple, we do our work, we teach CrossFit, we empower people but all whilst doing Social Good at the same time. This is how it all happens.

Youth Empowerment

Something that is familiar to the entire CrossFit Community in Singapore is our work with Youth and the Youth at risk here

in Singapore. From the work with the Singapore Boys Hostel to raising monies for REACH Community Services Society through Operation Broken Wing, we believe strongly that youth are quite literally the future of our generation and if we don’t invest into their lives now, who will?

Through our partnership with various agencies, we have had the privilege and opportunity to interact with many of these youths. We believe that through CrossFit and the programs that we offer them, we can dramatically improve their lives, not just through physical fitness but through an empowering community and lifestyle. Just a few ways that these youths can benefit from our work is through an improved social well being, skill development and potential employment opportunities and reduce the recidivism rate and improve their quality of life.

More than just the qualities. We all know how CrossFit can drastically affect an individuals confidence, perception of community and most importantly, motivation in life. Especially at that young mouldable age, having role models they can look up to and be engaged in a sport where they can divert their strong attention makes a strong difference!

In 2017, Innervate CrossFit is also taking steps to truly make a difference in their lives, not just physically or emotionally but also financially. We hope to provide some of these youths an alternative route in life by giving them internship, leadership and employment opportunities. We hope that this will truly help them live life to the fullest, doing what they love and loving what they do!

The Silvers Engagement

It has been constantly cited again and again that in Singapore, our aged and elderly do not engage in active aging. The government has been stepping up it’s actions with a huge plan to enable Singaporeans to age actively. However, we at Innervate CrossFit believe that instead of simply doing their typical Tai Chi, we should bring their lives back to them.

We bring their youth and functionality back to these elders. We prefer the term SILVERS. From our experiences with our Silver Legends at the box to the activities we have done with homes and community centres, many of them have voiced that this is definitely a more interactive and enjoyable way of keeping active. Much preferred compared to the repetitive activities they do day in and out.

A unique attribute that many of us did not expect to develop in the Silvers Classes were essentially, the community. In fact, our strongest element, is the community of the Silvers Class at the box. They are committed to bettering not just themselves but their peers around them. Constantly challenging them to show up, put in the effort and to gather for pure fun. Mr Chong of our Silvers Class recently celebrated his 71st birthday and though he missed his celebration at the box as he had to spend it with his grandkids, he said on hindsight that he should have come for class as these were his “True Friends, not those who pretend to be nice but my true friends.”

Making CrossFit Accessible - The Adaptives

Our vision at Innervate CrossFit is to empower others in every aspect of life. And to some, one definite way is through the adaptive program that is up and coming at the box. We believe that through our unique offerings to the Persons with Disabilities (PwD), we are able to be truly all inclusive and to make functional fitness, CrossFit Accessible and available to all.

We have seen it’s impact not just in Singapore but all over the World. Locally, we saw individuals such as Ashree, a paralympian take part in Operation Broken Wing and internationally, we see how those in the Working Wounded Games take part and show their heart and strength during the workouts.

We believe that through CrossFit, we too can provide these individuals a community for them to feel belonged in. Not just to gain physical fitness but to regain their confidence in themselves, that truly, they are able to do more than they could imagine, even in their current state.

Innervate CrossFit has grown through the years, coming to it’s third year since 2014. However, as we move to become a Social Enterprise, we believe that we are moving to a new stage, to truly live our calling to empower others and make a difference in the lives of so many others!


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