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Innervate Milestones Pt. 5 (Final) - 2019

Growth of the OBW Community

OBW 2019 participants and crew.

Operation Broken Wing 2019 marked 5 years of Fighting For Hope. Growing from a small group of 50 at our box to a regional fitness charity movement present in over 8 cities, it blows our mind how the OBW community has grown and the impact that has been made. Truth be told, using one’s #FitnessForACause is simple but pushing for it has been a wild ride. We’re glad that the fitness community in Singapore and the region has been so willing to come onboard to make a difference. Many young lives have definitely been impacted and we can’t wait to see more of you at OBW 2020!

Becoming the Sole Fitness Provider for imPAct @ Hong Lim Green

Our coaches conducting a class at imPAct @ Hong Lim Green.

Another big milestone we hit this year was being awarded the role of sole fitness provider for the newly reopened imPAct @ Hong Lim Green. It’s certainly testament to the hard work we’ve put in over the years to provide quality coaching and make a difference. We’re still learning every day and simply grateful for the opportunity to #BeTheimPAct. We look forward to continue making a difference as a bigger community!

Fitness with Heart

Over the years, Innervate has been constantly basing what we do around the vision of #FitnessForAll, #FamilyFitness and #FitnessForACause. As you’ve followed the Innervate Milestones series, we hope that you’ve been able to get a glimpse of how exactly we’ve set about achieving these.

Moving forward, we will continue bringing you Fitness With Heart – sincere empowering fitness with a social good element. This journey is far from over, and we hope that you’ll continue to come along with us :)

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