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5 Reasons why Zoom Workouts do not mean Boring and Less Effective Workouts

Our #InnervateGoesZoom is well underway, and we’ve seen many of you guys joining us throughout the first two weeks of zoom classes. But it is challenging to stay enthusiastic about zoom classes when you have limited equipment at home and no one else to exercise with you in the same space. To help you stay motivated, we present to you: 5 reasons why zoom exercises do not mean boring and less effective workouts.

1. Variety. We keep your zoom workouts *exciting* by switching up your workout routines every day. After all, we get bored of the same exercise routine just as we get tired of eating the same foods every day. 2. Personalized. You might have less equipment at home than at the box, but that’s okay! Because our workouts are based on the equipment - you have. If your weights are too heavy or if you have a chronic knee injury, voice out because we will think of a scaling option for you on the spot.

3. Coach. Practice doesn’t always make perfect. If you are making the same mistakes every time, you are only perfecting your mistakes. This is why having a coach is so important. It might be harder to get the technique right when you are being coached over zoom, but at least all your hard work won’t be spent repeating the same mistakes over and over again. 4. Community. We miss the box not only for its range of equipment but the people who perform the workouts alongside us and keep us motivated. Admittedly, working out through Zoom is less interactive. But seeing a group of other people doing the same exercises as you can keep you going strong during that last minute of our WOD.

5. Mental health. This is a tough time for us. Many of us are feeling stressed out because our usual routine has been disrupted. Exercising helps to release this tension and improves your mental well-being. Whether you are exercising at home or at the box, a good workout will still provide you with that post-workout bliss you need to get through another stressful day of work. Fun fact: the only bad workout was the one that didn’t happen. We know that keeping to this new routine of working out requires enormous self-discipline, especially in these circumstances. It is so easy to hit on the snooze button and sleep in for another 45 minutes. It is also very tempting to collapse on the sofa after a long and strenuous day of work. But here’s what you should do instead: Plan out your week, decide which zoom classes you want to attend, and go for it!


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