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Spreading Wings : Operation Broken Wing 2016

Fitness Charity Youth

Operation Broken Wing has been an event where various fitness enthusiasts across different gyms and different disciplines come together to do a workout to raise funds for the Forgotten Youth. Our theme this year was spreading wings, to spread this cause to the wider community. We have made OBW2016 an inclusive one and the message that we have preached is that everyone and anyone can use their fitness to make a difference with athletes from all ages and all walks of life coming together to help the forgotten youth. We have moved away from simply making OBW a fundraising event, it has become a movement in the region of Asia Pacific.

This year, we have moved away from the simply raising funds for the Youth At Risk but the Forgotten Youth. We did not want to limit our work and fundraising efforts to a specific labelled group but instead to encompass more youths and to let them know that they are not forgotten at all. Additionally, through our various programs across many cities, we have welcomed many of the youths through our gym doors to have them take part in our programs and as a result, become included in a community that is positive, driven and would fight for them.

Our aim in conducting and organising OBW was simply to give back to society. We believe that youths are the future of our generation. These people are in the prime stages of emotional, mental and physical growth, this is a critical time when they are shaping their personalities, likes, dislikes, interests and friendships. Many feel the start they've had in life means they'll never see success and that there's just no point in trying, they give up hope before they've even begun. Operation Broken Wing stands for something different. We want to bring the Fight and Heart back to the youths. OBW is a regional charity movement that aims to help many of the youths at risk, orphans and more. These youths are the reason why we are here. We believe in spreading our wings and daring to make a difference. This is who we are, this is our heartbeat, to reach out and make a change.

We have grown from our humble beginnings back in 2011 where we conducted OBW at CrossFit Singapore organised by Kevin Lim with 30 athletes. In 2016, Across 7 cities (Melbourne, Singapore, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Manila), we had 700 athletes come together to raise a total of $250,000 for various beneficiaries in doing their work for the forgotten youth!

Melbourne - $34,000 raised for Helping Hoops, organised by GW Performance @helpinghoops

Singapore - $170,000 raised for REACH Youth with 350 athletes in attendance, organised by Innervate CrossFit

Jakarta - Rp. 50.885.241 raised for World Vision Indonesia, organised by CrossFit Equator

Kota Kinabalu - RM4611.80 raised for St Theresa’s Hostel, organised by X45 CrossFit Kinabalu

Manila - Still collating full amount, raised funds for World Vision Philippines, organised by Primal Ape CrossFit and Central Ground CrossFit

Penang - RM22,531 raised for Penang Down syndrome Association, organised by Crossfit 5833

KL - Still collating full amount, raised funds for Yayasan Sunbeams Home organised by Pushmore CrossFit

Fitness Charity Youth

The OBW2016 season is finally over and the future of OBW is bright! Plans for 2017 are already in the pipeline to spread this movement and to rally more cities, gyms, athletes to use their fitness to make a difference. We hope that YOU can continue to make a difference together with us, for #OBWFightsForHope. Keep this fight going, not just during the event but in every other day, use your fitness to make a difference and to be a blessing in every opportunity that you might have. We hope that OBW would not just be a movement but a lifestyle for you and I.

Thank you for making a difference to the forgotten youth in OBW2016!

Coordinator for OBW2016,

Lionel Choong


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