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Operation Broken Wing 2015 is underway! OBW is jointly organised by CrossFit Gyms all across Singapore. Operation Broken Wing has been running for several years now and we have managed to raise both funds and awareness for youth at risk through our event and campaigns.

Operation Broken Wing is designed to help CrossFitters engage in social good by using their fitness for a good cause and help raise funds for youth at risk. OBW has previously partnered with various organisations which help such youths. This year, our proposed beneficiary is REACH Community Services. We hope that the CrossFit community will develop a greater sense of empathy towards the youth-at-risk and move them towards greater action for these youths in the future through a workout, as well as various engagement platforms during the event.

In Operation Broken Wing 2014, we worked together with REACH Community Services to raise funds for their youth at risk department. We did so by carrying out OBW which allowed members and athletes from different gyms and backgrounds to come together to workout for a good cause. The members of the different gyms were encouraged to invite their friends and family to become their sponsors. Whereby they will be sponsored a specific amount for every rep done and accomplished in a specific workout called “Fight For Hope”. Across the entire event, we saw up to 100 individuals sponsoring a total of 40 members and athletes for different amounts. We also had the backing of a corporate sponsor, Dymond Asia which sponsored 20 cents for every rep by every athlete. Ultimately, we managed to raise a total of $29,814.

More information on Operation Broken Wing can be found on our website here :

This year, OBW is going to be held at the Heart of Orchard Road and Youth Movement in Singapore, *Scape Level 4. It is also the first event of it's kind overlooking the busy streets of Orchard Road!

A key element of Operation Broken Wing was to directly impact the youth at risk. We did so by welcoming the youth of REACH Community Services through our doors where they took part in the workout themselves as well as assisted with the running of the entire event. This provided a huge sense of significance for them as well as boost their confidence dramatically. We also used CrossFit as a way to help divert much of their energy towards a positive outlook on fitness and not just to simply look good but to be truly fit from the inside out. At an age where image is crucial and vital for them, Operation Broken Wing seeks to give them a good healthy outlook on life and that they are not alone in their daily battles.

Athletes, please register by heading over to the website and register here! Athletes

Sponsors, register by clicking on this link! Sponsors


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