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In Singapore self defense is known as private defense and for the purpose of this article the terms will be used interchangeably. Which is a form of legal defense that may have the effect of absolving a person of legal liability if that person hurts or kills another person in order to defend him/herself.

Private defense (self defense) includes the defense of your life and body from physical harm such as hurt and rape. It also includes the right to defend your property, either movable (like a car) or immovable (like a house), from theft, robbery, mischief and criminal trespass. It also includes the right to defend another person or their property from harm.

What this essentially means is you are entitled to defend yourself or others, property, body or life from physical harm or hurt. As part of the CrossFit Defense charter we teach students, that force must parallel danger. This is well aligned with Section 99(4) of the Penal Code which states that one cannot inflict more harm than is necessary for self-defence. If it is clear that the attacker has been repelled or defeated, it is not reasonable for a continued attack in the name of private defense.

In extreme cases, a person can kill an attacker in private defence, but only under the following circumstances. Sections 100 and 103 of the Penal Code states that private defence can extend to voluntarily causing death if:

  • You were assaulted and had reasonably apprehended death or grievous hurt if you had not taken action to defend yourself.

  • You were being raped or kidnapped.

  • You were being robbed.

  • Your house had been broken into at night.

  • You had been under the threat of mischief by fire.

Know your rights to self defense (private defense) in Singapore.

Remember that true self defense is not about winning the fight, its is about surviving the fight.

For more information and reading, Private defence is written law, being covered under sections 96 to 106 of the Singapore Penal Code.

Take your personal safety and that of your loved ones seriously.

Stay alert and choose safety always,



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