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Crime in Singapore, by the numbers

Singapore is a truly safe country. People here, at times, can leave their mobile phones hanging around and come back to find it still sitting on the table, untouched. However, such safety is not to be taken advantage off. We might think that Singapore is crime free. On the Contrary, it isn’t always a walk in the Park here in Singapore. Check out the infogram below for a rundown of statistics on crime in Singapore.

It is no surprise that the number of crimes relating to physical violence and hurt has risen dramatically and now constitutes a big portion of all the crimes in Singapore. Of the many cases of physical hurt, a large number of them happen at work and the culprits are known to the victims. That means that instead of being in a truly threatening situation that can be seen from a mile away, there is no call of “READY, FIGHT” by anyone. The fight begins and happens in an instant when you probably won’t have sufficient time to react or come up with a fight plan. As the popular meme would put it “That escalated quickly”.

Innervate CrossFit Defense doesn’t simply teach you how to string your attacks from a fixed starting stance. Instead, we teach you to react in an instant and to defend yourself from harm and danger. Using reflexive movements such as the startle flinch, we can effectively defend ourselves without effectively being “set-up” in a combative stance.

The last thing we are hoping for is for anyone to be assaulted or met with violence. However, the facts speak for itself. Crime happens in Singapore and to be ignorant about it is simply putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. Make a decision to empower yourself today!


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