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It is the new year and well, everyone, from executives to house wives are starting to draw up their plans for the new year. And a commonality amongst most would point towards making resolutions and goals. Resolutions such as losing weight, working out more, stop drinking, stop smoking, go to church more and spending more time with the people are a few of the most common attempts. But how many people really follow through and maintain these until they become actual changes?

Many a times after those resolutions are made, out comes the wallet and many would throw money at gym memberships which have absolutely no basis or proof of effectiveness at all. What happens after? They walk in to the gym which is fully air conditioned and all prim and proper with that million dollar shower at the back. What happens after? They walk about, finding the coolest machine to try out and realize that they have no idea what they’re doing. Soon after, they’ll take a step back, be intimidated and well, down goes their fitness resolutions.

And so here we are, telling you that CrossFit is the fitness program and Innervate CrossFit is the gym for you. But why? Aside from the community aspects of it, CrossFit and our programming has been proven to be effective for not just the young and able bodied, but for everyone and anyone. At Innervate CrossFit, we believe that Fitness is something vital that everyone needs. It isn’t something that is optional nor is it something that is to be had only during times of convenience or when the mood calls for it. Fitness is a way of life and is something that everyone should be striving towards.

CrossFit produces fitness results which everyone, absolutely everyone needs. If for a moment, you thought that CrossFit is for the Elites simply cause of its tagline “Forging Elite Fitness”, then you’re all wrong. I’m sure many have had the thought, “CrossFit is not for me cause I’m way too weak” or “CrossFit is too intense for me, I won’t be able to catch up.” Then let’s try to dispel those thoughts.

Now the beauty of CrossFit is that everyone starts somewhere and we make it mandatory for everyone, regardless of whatever experience you’ve had, to begin with our Fundamental Class where we’ll teach you the very basics of CrossFit and build from there. What we commonly do at Innervate CrossFit is to scale our movements. In other words, we make our movements slightly easier or lighter to allow you to work at an intensity that is just right for you. We scale for all sorts of physical conditions and limitations.

Recently, CrossFit HQ posted a couple of videos which really struck all of us. First of which was a video on a few elderly individuals walking through the gym doors and attempting CrossFit workouts and completing them! These are aged individuals, somewhere along the lines of 85 to 90 doing workouts and rebuilding their bodies to regain their functionality again. Of course they aren’t out there punching out heavy workouts, lifting 100kg off the ground, as a younger person would do. Instead, they scale their workouts and they work at an intensity which is high relative to them. It is inspiring to see individuals like that, not giving a hoot about what others think or say but instead DOING what is known to be effective.

Another video… Well, I’m gonna reserve my comments and just allow you to watch it.

So is CrossFit for everyone? YES! It isn’t simply because it is a fad or something that is going to come and go. It is here to stay! Why? Cause it is so effective for you and for me. Come and try it out for yourself. Make CrossFit your Fitness choice today!


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