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The Family is Welcome

Early on a Saturday morning, Tyler, aged 4, is along side his classmates learning how to coordinate throwing and catching a ball while Chong, aged 69, is on the other end of the ‘box’ doing Front Squats. This is a common sight at Innervate CrossFit, known in the community as the Family Friendly CrossFit ‘Box’. Our program emphasises heavily on community and bringing people together. Here, we bring the entire family together.

Benefits of a Family Friends Fitness Program

The CrossFit Community around the World is said to be very different from the conventional communities in gyms. In the CrossFit Box, everyone knows one another, befriends one another and relates to one another. As such, it is a positive environment where we encourage each other like family. As such, when the family comes together, despite being in different programs, they develop a very different bond which is not commonly present.

CrossFit, is known to be tough due to it’s methodology of high intensity activities. As such, this provides an avenue for the family to see various benefits in working out together in a program such as CrossFit. Family members will begin to cheer each other on in workouts that they can relate to. In Singapore, most of these encouragements happen in school competitions in which they feel distant from. However, in these occasions at the ‘box’, we see family members understand what they are going through and enjoying each moment of it. A huge benefit would simply be that of shared family recreation. In doing activities together, the family relationships get tighter. We see how kids rush to their parents, curious to tell them about what went on in the box and in turn asking the same from them.

Such is an environment and culture that Innervate CrossFit is building. One which builds fitness, not just through good coaching but to also through the relationships built in and out of the box, enabling greater success and sustainability.

What our Participants have to say

Our oldest member, Chong, said, “Doing CrossFit in the mornings really energises me, it makes me feel a whole lot

younger. The movements and exercises helps me move better, not just daily activities but in golf too. Also, it’s not just the movements but to see the younger ones moving and enjoying themselves puts a smile on my face. My younger brother is in the adult program and to see him sweat it out encourages me to do the same.”

“Being a Mother of 3 kids, it’s great to see the kids enjoying themselves doing something together. They grow and learn together, it isn’t just about the fitness too, it’s about building their character and learning from mistakes. I think learning these traits together is extremely important.” says Joanne, a mother of 3.

One great example is a mother and daughter, Atreyee and Asmita. “Every time, after my training sessions, I would be met with my excited daughter, rushing to me back home, asking me what I did for my class and she in turn will tell me all about what I did. I just started out so it’s quite an interesting experience to be encouraged by my daughter.”

Simply because of these interactions, parents begin to see the priorities of fitness and more importantly see this as an opportunity for fun within the family. Parent’s no longer see our program as just a fitness pit stop but a place where we build the kids on character, health and happiness.


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