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The Legends

Who says seniors can’t do CrossFit?

At Innervate Fitness, we believe they can! In fact, we get to witness their drive and how they defy the stereotypical image of a senior every week when they faithfully come for class. Innervate is the first CrossFit box in Singapore to offer a unique Silvers CrossFit program for those aged 55 and above, also affectionately dubbed the ‘Silver Legends’. The two main things that Silvers can gain from our program is functional fitness and a supportive community.

Silvers CrossFit, Masters CrossFit, Singapore CrossFit
Our Senior CrossFit Class at the House Of Joy

Firstly, what is functional fitness? CrossFit focuses on functional movements, which are natural movements essential and useful in everyday life. For instance, learning how to do a burpee can increase one’s confidence in being able to get up from the floor after a fall while lifting weights can improve one’s strength in carrying heavy things such as groceries.

Chwee Peng, one of our Silvers, shares with us her experience how CrossFit has helped to improve her fitness:

“18 months ago, I would never have imagined myself carrying weights in a gym like a CrossFit [box]. I took up the courage to step into [Innervate] CrossFit for a trial lesson amidst much trepidation as I heard it is a good way to strengthen my bones. The coach told me how CrossFit aims to improve the functionality of the body which resonates with me as I want to be an active senior.

Silvers CrossFit, Masters CrossFit, Singapore CrossFit
Silvers CrossFit, Peng performing an OHS

I started with learning the basics like how to do a squat. I skip and do burpees, which I have not done since my school days! The weights training and workouts are tailored according to our individual fitness and capabilities and we grow at our own pace, maybe with just a little push from the coach. It is fun training in a small group as we cheer each other on, share jokes and become fast friends.

The biggest reward? I truly feel fitter and my body is more toned.”

As Chwee Peng mentioned, the Silvers CrossFit program at Innervate does not just provide fitness, but also a sense of community that many call family. Training together and encouraging each other through a tough workout certainly does foster camaraderie among the Silvers, and even across classes with the other kids, teens, adults and adaptives training at the box. Knowing that there is a whole community behind you can be truly empowering. As Lillian, another one of our Silvers, shares, “While doing CrossFit certainly does make me stronger, it is the close-knit community I have found that keeps me coming back every week.” The friendships made also extend outside the box where meals together are not uncommon.

Silvers CrossFit, Masters CrossFit, Singapore CrossFit
Silvers CrossFit Evening Crew

To the rest of us at Innervate, the Silvers never fail to inspire us with their joy and efforts in giving their best at every training session. We love having them as a part of our Innervate Family and have seen them grow so much, truly embodying our spirit of Fitness For All.

They are not just seniors, they are our Silver Legends.


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