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CrossFit Kids : Being helpful, one Power-Up at a time

Ready….GO! In a spur of a moment, the kids are rushing for the medicine balls, trying to roll them from one corner of the box to their cone for more points. The one with the highest number of balls at their end wins them the highly coveted power-ups. The game of “Capture the Flag” ensues. All of a sudden, a bunch of kids whom are winning seem to collude and plot to rob some of those balls from other classmates. Or that was it looked like, what happened after, was the entire opposite. Instead of stealing balls, they were helping other friends by giving them some of their excess balls.

Such acts are not uncommon at Innervate CrossFit Kids. We believe to build all-rounded

individuals and not just great athletes, therefore, apart from teaching just fitness and functional movements, we teach life skills as well. One of which is giving yourself to others and working together to be the best that they can be. We see that time and time again during the games time whereby classmates will be helping each other. Those whom are slightly stronger would help others in the Angry Bird throw. Those whom are more creative would in turn help others in building their tallest Lego tower.

We believe in a simple fact that if everyone were to help each other just a bit more, then perhaps, more people will benefit than simply working on their own. Helping one another, not just in the games but also during the lesson time is encouraged too. If one of the students is slightly more experienced and would like to lead the group in warming up or in the skill work, they are more than welcome to do so (Of course under the watchful eyes of our coaches so that everything that is taught is correct and sound). Being the leader of the group, more often than not, means that they would have to run extra rounds which would sometimes lessen their chances of winning the game or the challenge.

Although winning is important, we emphasize the need to be selfless. But why do we do that? Because we want our students to express themselves positively and to learn that this

is a norm and not an exception in the World. That stepping out, taking leadership and helping others using their skills and talents is what builds character and success. Constantly Varied, Functional Movement executed at High Intensity is honestly beneficial to no one else but you. You become fit; live a better and longer life. However, expressing that fitness and how we do so is what is most important.

At the end of the day, the kids recognize the importance of winning and working hard. But more than that, they recognize that victory is sweetest, when shared alongside their best friends. What happened to that game of “Capture the Flag”, at the end of the game, all of the students had equal number of balls and thus, all won power-ups.


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