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September Swing!

Calling all kids aged 9 and below! An Innervate CrossFit Kids September Holidays Treat! September Swing is a holiday program where we bring all our kids through a special week of learning as well as fun and games! The goal for September Swing is to introduce students to Functional Movements and basic motor skills. The idea is to familiarize the students with moving. Our teaching method of choice is, you guessed it, through fun and games.

We will be teaching the most fundamental yet essential movement, the Air Squat. This movement is the basic building block of Functional Movements. The mastery of the Air Squat makes for an easier time when it comes to picking up the other Functional Movements.

Over the 3 days in September Swing, we will be learning not just how to move and have fun but also important aspects on how to treat fitness, health as well as encouraging an active lifestyle for your kids. Our program seeks to expand your child's athletic potential through kinesthetic learning.

What : September Swing

Who : All kids aged 9 and below

When : 8th, 10th, 12th September 2014 (10am - 12pm)

Where : 994 Bendemeer Road, #01-04, Singapore (339943)

Price : $50 per child

To Sign Up for September Swing, send us an email at OR contact us here.

So this Septmber Holidays, bring your kid down to Innervate CrossFit for an awesome time! For more information on our CrossFit Kids Program, do check us out here.

We look forward to seeing you this September Holidays!

PS. We know that the Exams are right round the corner after September Swing. A little fun and activity would help with that increased stress level for your child. Also, a little fun and activity might just help with that math problem your child has been struggling with. (More info on that can be found here)


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