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The Family and CrossFit

CrossFit is an elite fitness regimen that is not for the faint hearted. Those who walk through our doors at Innervate CrossFit don’t take training and fitness lightly. Many people ask, where’s the space for the family here in a supposed ‘hostile’ environment? On the contrary, the family unit fits right in, in such an environment with many positive benefits to boot. The community aspect of CrossFit is a great place to foster good family relationships within and without the family. The typical family unit that sees all its family members doing CrossFit have seen and notice various outcomes. Below are 5 common sights when families are engaged in CrossFit.

  • Family members have more fun with one another

In the box, the thought of having a bad day is almost non-existent. Everyone gets to do something new almost every single time. Not only that, there’s a good amount of healthy competition which keeps the entire vibe of the box sky high! Families whom come in will be pit against one another, trying to best each other every single time. If you’re wondering, “I’ll never be able to move as fast as my 20 year old son”. You’ll be surprised, with a weight that is heavier for him, the playing field is level for everyone! This is a great time to do something different with your entire family. Compared to going to the movies or family dinners which grace or schedules once a fortnight, CrossFit for the family would be a great change in tempo for family fun!

  • The growth of a positive vibe in the family

CrossFit is known not just for its intensity and aggressiveness but also for it’s positive affirmation of its community. Encouragement is a big deal in CrossFit. It’s not uncommon to see the individual whom is last in a workout being cheered for the loudest. No one is left behind, everyone finishes the workout together. The positive energy in the community is bound to rub off to the entire family. Families have commented that because of CrossFit, household matters become less of a hassle but more of a workout and positive encouragements instead of negative reinforcements are used more often in the house.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Perhaps the most obvious of all benefits is a healthier lifestyle. However, the reward when it comes to seeing a family member getting fitter or healthier is immeasurable. To see elders being able to move again and not just that, to pick up their grandchildren again is a reward the family unit will do anything for. It might seem trivial initially but the value of your health for the entire family should be placed on the pedestal. Yes, family bonding and fun are important but the health or your entire family is of utmost importance.

  • Common group of friends

In Singapore, the nature of many family units now is to keep to their own. Interaction between neighbours and other family units are rare and uncommon due to the rushed lifestyle of Singaporeans. As such, CrossFit provides an avenue for families to interact with other family units in a safe environment. The CrossFit community is welcoming and all encompassing. The community is made up from individuals and families from all walks of life and as such, every family unit is welcome. With such interactions, families become less isolated and more open to changes and different activities which the entire community might bring.

  • Greater sense of bonding

A big part of CrossFit for everyone is the diet. Yes! There’s an array of diets that CrossFitters go for, Paleo, Primal or Zone. For most people following any form of diet, it is common for them to choose to do home-cooked meals. Why? Because they are not just cheaper but very often, they taste so much nicer! As such, families engaged in CrossFit embrace their dietary preferences together and as a result they find themselves finding more meals at the dinner table together. They find themselves talking about similar things across generations. Conversations revolving around “Did you do Mondays workout? Gosh that was a fun one!” would become more common compared to “How’s school / work for you?” This was so especially when my brother joined CrossFit with me, we ate our meals together, spent a whole lot more time together simply because we had more in common than ever before.

The family unit is the building block of society. It is also the closest thing to everyone’s heart. As such, here at Innervate CrossFit, we want to provide an environment whereby everyone can feel at home and see their family grow together. Whether big or small, every individual and family is welcome in Innervate CrossFit.


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