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Why your Kids should do CrossFit?

We all know the benefits of CrossFit and we have seen them in many forms: weight loss, increased functionality of your body and simply feeling better about yourself, just to name a few. However, many CrossFitters and adults still throw out the question. “Are you sure Kids can do CrossFit?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, CrossFit for kids is equally important and has even greater benefits for kids than for adults. So here are some reasons why CrossFit is for YOUR kid!

  • They Will Develop Their Athleticism and Fitness

Jumping, throwing, sprinting, climbing, pulling and pushing… Those are the few types of functional movements that we teach in our classes. Unlike many other fitness programs, we teach them these movements and get them to enjoy doing them. By learning these movements, we enable them to pick up whatever sports or learn different, more complex movements with more ease.

When we learn functional movements, we elevate our students’ kinesthetic awareness to know and feel their bodies better, such that they know where and how their body is moving. Especially at a young age, being more aware of your body will translate into huge benefits in picking up and enjoying sports more. Their overall fitness will also be spurred forward as they spend time doing workouts masked in the form of challenges. These challenges are of high intensity which is known to help our students, young and old, achieve fitness results. We have heard testimonials of how many of our students have started out struggling to complete their mile run during their physical fitness test. 4 months in and those students have seen dramatic improvements and are now above average in their classes in terms of the physical fitness tests in school.

  • Bringing the Fun back to Fitness

In the current Tablet/iPad generation, it is not uncommon to hear of kids from as young as 4 being glued to screens, be it the Television, computer, smart phones or tablets. Because of that, their idea of fun is no longer running and tumbling around at the playgrounds but instead engaging in the newest campaign in their Clash of Clans game. However, our CrossFit Kids and Teens program have begun to reverse that. When they come through our doors they are greeted by an open space, brightly lit and coloured. Many of our students naturally start running around trying to hang on the bars and rings to explore this ‘playground’ of theirs.

We won’t just see the benefits of our kids seeing fitness as fun when they are young but also as they mature and grow up. Their perception of fun won’t be standing in front of the mirror doing bicep curls or hitting the gaming shops or pubs, but instead their lifestyle will be one which focuses on their fitness and wellbeing. They will derive fun out of hitting the box and smashing workouts with their friends and achieving new results every single day. When such activities are seen as fun, then their lifestyle and life is going to be on a positive gradient upwards.

  • We focus on Virtuosity

Virtuosity : Doing the common, uncommonly well. We ingrain that mentality into our students on a very daily basis. Not just in their fitness and movements but also in their life outside the box. Instead of teaching them the extremely fanciful movements which might be cool to them and their peers, we focus on building a strong foundation at their age. With a lifelong view of fitness, there is no need to rush them to learn complex movements yet but instead teach them how to enjoy doing the simple things in a very fun manner

  • A good healthy environment

All our lessons are always conducted in a group format. We do this to ensure that these kids will grow up developing good social skills with like-minded peers. As our students learn how to work together in a team and help one another and learn from each other, these kids will grow closer as friends. Having such friends in their social circle that look out for each other as they grow up is invaluable.

  • Confidence in and out of the gym

In many occasions, we teach the kids to develop their confidence in a very indirect manner. We teach them to get comfortable in very uncomfortable positions, such as holding a handstand against a wall or hanging on the rings over a duration of time. These positions and movements don’t just take skill but courage and the willingness to try many new things. As such, we help develop that as they attempt and achieve new things every new challenge.

  • All Rounded Development

Being a family-centric CrossFit Gym, we have focused our time on helping develop our students in a holistic manner. We care not only about their physical and mental confidence but we help them develop themselves academically as well as emotionally. We confer with parents with regards to the needs of our students, be it attention deficiency or poor self-esteem, we adjust the way we teach our students based on those needs. In a spur to help develop academic success, we also have prep time which has seen much success over the past Mid-Term examinations where many of our students have achieved better grades despite studying lesser.

  • They learn how to deal with challenges

We allow our students to express themselves and face challenges individually or as a team. In doing so, they set goals for themselves and come up with a strategy to help achieve those goals. After the challenge, be it in defeat or victory, our students have learnt how to deal with them in a very positive manner. They learn more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and about how to do better the next challenge. We constantly refer to these challenges in many realistic scenarios outside the gym to help them deal with the stress of school, family and sport to help them become the best that they can be.

Whilst learning these traits might seem foreign to the young ones, we believe that getting comfortable with many of these environments, mindsets and traits will set them up for future in whatever arena they choose to go into. CrossFit is the new way to go to build a child’s character that will last a lifetime.


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