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A different Community

Social Clubs and Societies are not uncommon here in Singapore. Religious and Racial organizations set up group sessions where they gather and socialize or work for a good cause. However, nothing is really like the CrossFit Community. Yeah, we can talk so much about how large the CrossFit Community is with thousands of boxes all around the World. Instead of focusing on the World-wide community that is extremely welcoming, this is about digging deeper into how “Small” the Innervate CrossFit Community really is and why we focus so much on that. After all, the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, said that “The Fun is in the Communiy”.

The Innervate CrossFit Community Reaches Out. We reach out and express our fitness to the best of our abilities, not just for ourselves but also for those around us. For those in need and for those who might need just a little encouragement beyond the four walls of the box, the CrossFit Community is here for everyone. Be it in times of brokenness, financial difficulty or even despair, the community is not bounded by the four walls of the box. This is most evident at Innervate CrossFit during #OBW2014. Whereby we came and made the effort to workout really hard to raise funds for REACH community services for the youth at risk. The community is not here just for itself but for the larger purpose in society as well.

The Innervate CrossFit Community Edifies. Inside the box, it is a usual occurrence for the members to encourage one another and boost the confidence of each other. Instead of seeing each other as simply fellow “Clients”, one of our athletes, Prasad, very aptly puts it, “My Team Mates”. Working alongside other individuals has a profound effect on people but we’ll leave that to another post. Fellow athletes help each other by pulling each other to finish the workout and to complete it with pride and head held high. Anyone who walks in to any CrossFit competition or competitive setting will notice something very different from other competitive sports. That the one who finishes last, more often than not, gets the loudest cheers by the entire crowd. We celebrate effort and not just success, we celebrate each other at Innervate CrossFit.

The Innervate CrossFit Community Inspires. They say that actions speak a thousand words. As much as our community edifies and builds each other up, what is more apparent is how fellow athletes inspire one another. Although encouragement from the coaches is important, the impact that fellow athletes have on each other is profound. We have our eldest member, Mr Choong, aged 60 working out alongside Editha whom is potentially half his age. Both constantly inspiring and challenging each other to work harder each step of the way. The inspiration comes in the form of the competition and also in the completion of the task. To see how various people from different backgrounds, histories and past come to CrossFit and lay it all down every single time often inspires not just the athletes but coaches as well, to work harder each time.

Lastly, The Innervate CrossFit Community is Family. Instead of thinking of ourselves as a “community”, a better term for it would be “Family”. Everyone who walks in here are genuinely concerned about one another. We care for each other and our well beings. From

the relationships we share with our loved ones and even our very own health. It isn’t just about reaching out to help others but more importantly to take a genuine interest in the lives of the community. When someone has been missing for a while or hasn’t turned up for a couple of days, fellow members would be making a call, text or whatsapp to that person and asking about him or her. The Family sticks together through thick and thin, ensuring that whatever happens, we are together, as one.

The Innervate Family is a tight one but also a very inclusive and welcoming one. Be a part of this community, today.


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