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Innervate CrossFit Teens - The Innervate Challenge



CrossFit Kids and Teens is a unique CrossFit program that is meticulously designed to cater to the development of growing Youth. By combining FUN and FITNESS, CrossFit Kids and Teens provides a lifelong learning experience and lifestyle that emphasizes the importance of health and fitness from an early age.

The goal of the program is to provide the kids and teens with the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to grow in stature and in health; to instil within them the virtues of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Innervate CrossFit Kids and Teens is a place where kids and teens can develop themselves intellectually and socially to become well-rounded individuals. The vision of our programme is to enable your child to be the best they can be and to set them up for success in their future endeavours.

What makes Innervate CrossFit Kids and Teens Different?

Our program seeks to expand your child's athletic potential through kinesthetic learning. Your children will be more aware of their body as we teach them to execute complicated kinesthetic movements. The safe and sound execution of these movements is our top priority.

We do not seek to teach your child a mere specific skill set or a sport: we want our students to engage in diverse sports and movements. We believe that it is this diversity that will increase their ability to adapt to any physical challenges in the future.

At Innervate CrossFit Kids and Teens, we do not force-feed any child a specific sport. Kids learn the best when they are moving and having fun. Thus, we emphasize on the fun aspect in our programme, so that we can instil a good lifelong impression of fitness on them. For teens, this aspect comes in the form of friendly and fair competition within their peers and we leverage on that to maximize positive functional movement and intensity.

We focus on learning movements and skills which create a foundation for positive athletic experiences. To help lay that foundation, our program uses a variety of innovative sport exercises, lead up games and mini competitions. We will learn fundamental movements such as squatting, throwing, catching, picking things up from the ground and putting something overhead.


The INNERVATE CHALLENGE, CrossFit Teens program is designed for all Secondary School students. Regardless of sporting experience or background, our program is scalable to suit the needs of all out students

The INNERVATE CHALLENGE will introduce students to Skills and Drills which are vital for athletic and personal growth. We intend to familiarize the students with movements which are essential in bringing them ahead of their peers in physical development. Our teaching method of choice is, you guessed it, through various competitions and lead up games. Through our methodology, it is our desire to inculcate in these children a love for fitness, ensuring that their desire to move is not pegged to a single game or sport.

For the INNERVATE CHALLENGE, we will be teaching the students the basics of all the functional movements, from squatting to moving a load overhead to picking something safely off the ground. These movements are the basic building block of Functional and any Athletic Movements. The mastery of these movements makes for an easier time when it comes to picking up the other athletic skills. It is also the best time to improve a teens conditioning to prepare him for the next school year or sporting season.

From Movement to Success

A feeling of success is going to be one of the many benefits our students will receive at Innervate CrossFit Teens. It has been proven that learning while moving is the best way to build the physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills of any individual. Just like any other skill, the earlier you get comfortable with success, the more you stay with it. Most importantly, all our students will take what they learn – everything from squatting, the lifestyle of CrossFit Teens and confidence – far beyond the four walls of the box, into your homes, schools and future careers.

Apart from teaching the students the basics of functional movement and athletic developing, The INNERVATE CHALLENGE is also aimed at helping them learn that they are capable of many things that they never thought were possible. As a result, their self-confidence will increase as they believe more in themselves, translating to a stronger individual in and out of the gym. It is also one of our goals to develop within our students; the competitive edge and resilience that will help propel them to success in their future endeavours


Dates : November (Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Time : 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Venue : Innervate CrossFit, 994 Bendemeer Road #01-04, B-Central, Singapore 339943


For the entire duration of 4 weeks, there will be a special price of :

  • $150 per student

  • Any additional sibling from the family enjoys a 20% discount

Feel free to approach us for corporate packages for schools or sporting programs


To sign up for THE INNERVATE CHALLENGE, send us an email at or call us at 97887859.

Sign up quick as slots are limited!


Week 1

  • Introduction to Innervate CrossFit

  • Teaching of the Air Squat

  • Learning about a confidence and a healthy lifestyle

Week 2

  • Learning snippets on what is Fitness (Interactive)

  • Learning the Front Squat

  • Course work on how to have Fair Play

Week 3

· How to treat our food? (Topic on Nutrition)

· Learning the Press Series

· How to best prepare for challenges

Week 4

  • Learning the Deadlift series

  • What it means to be resilient

  • Final Competitions

Our program seeks to enable our students to succeed in functional movements. However, safety and efficiency is our top priority. In a conducive and safe environment, all movements and activities will be performed under the watchful eyes of our coaches.

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